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Steering Team

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign is a workplace-giving program that allows state employees to designate a financial gift to any of more than 1,000 participating charities. Types of charities include health and human services, animal welfare, environmental conservation, and medical research.

Steering Team

Major Area Team Member
CVC Steering Team Sponsor Dawn Camacho
CVC Coordinator Jessica Pharis
CVC Steering Team Chair Edward Lener
CVC Communications Laurie Stacy
CVC Communications
Denise Crawford
CVC Communications
Jill Weaver
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Susan Sumner
College of Architecture, Arts and Design Erin Poff
College of Engineering Dr. Jennifer Wayne
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Debra Stoudt
College of Natural Resources and Environment Arlice Banks
College of Science Amber Robinson
College of Veterinary Medicine Sharon Dunn
Pamplin College of Business Amy Transue
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Courtney Powell
Honors College Neal Henshaw
Executive Administration/Athletics Carmela Smith
Executive Vice President and Provost David Guerin
Sr. VP for Chief Business Office Vacant
Office of the President Amanda Lucas
University Libraries Edward Lener
Vice President for Advancement Patricia Wooten/Wynoka Price
Vice President for Finance and CFO Nancy Meacham
Vice President for Human Resources Ana Agud
Vice President for Policy and Governance Vacant
Vice President for Enterprise Administrative and Business Services Vacant
Vice President and Executive Director of the Innovation Campus Marlesa Adams
Vice President for Graduate School Misit Acosta
Vice President for Information Technology Viki Hall
Vice President for Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities Gannon Davis
Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs Jane Swan
Sr. Vice President for Research and Innovation Robyn Symth
Vice President for Student Affairs  Jennifer Pike
Vice President for Health Sciences and Technology Vacant

Jessica Pharis, CVC Agency Coordinator
North End Center
Division of Human Resources
300 Turner Street, NW
Suite 2300
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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