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Donate Online

The online pledge system enables you to give to your favorite charity through payroll deduction by following four easy steps. Complete instructions are listed below.

Steps for the online pledge system

  • Enter your total annual pledge amount. The per pay period amount will automatically calculate.
  • Or choose a one-time deduction. Please note: one-time donations are deducted from the first paycheck of the next calendar year.

To designate a specific charity

  • Click the "Add a Charity" button.
  • Enter your contribution amount. An amount must be entered in order to "Select" a charity.
  • You may search for a specific charity by filtering a part of a name or narrow your search by region.
  • You may learn more about specific charities by clicking on the “Learn More” option.     
  • Additional charities may be added as well as having the option to edit or delete prior selections.  (If additional charities are selected, you may need to edit the first charities amount if you chose the full contribution amount).
  • If a specific charity is not selected, the total amount of your gift will reflect in the “Amount Not Designated” area of step two.
  • You may select for your gift to be anonymous or acknowledged for tax reporting purposes.
  • If you select an acknowledgement, your BANNER home address will automatically populate into the appropriate fields.  You will also have the option of changing the information or adding a spouse’s name to the acknowledgement.
  • Click “Submit Pledge” to finalize donation.
  • After submitting your pledge, you will have the opportunity to print. An email confirmation will be sent to your Virginia Tech email address.