State wide administration is facilitated by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM). The state office will receive not receive any pledge contributions. For more information, visit Virginia's Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign or call 804-225-2159.

Yes. To designate a gift, locate the code number of the specific agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia State-wide Directory. On the pledge form, be sure to write the code number next to the corresponding pledge amount for that agency.

No. If a gift is not designated, it will be distributed to all approved organizations who participate in the statewide Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign. A percentage of gifts that are not designated will be used to offset administrative costs.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign Participant Directory is controlled and printed by the state administration offices. Only those agencies who have proven themselves effective in past campaigns will be included. The directory lists agencies alphabetically and by region. Donors may contribute to any agency in the directory.

No. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign has selected specific branches of United Way across the state to serve as the Central Fund Raising Organization (CFRO) for each region. When giving to to United Way through Virginia Tech's campaign, donations will go towards the New River Region Central Fund Raising Organization encompassing Montgomery, Radford, and Floyd counties.

Charities must apply to participate in the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign each year. Announcements are placed in local papers regarding application information and every effort is made to include all eligible charities. All participants must apply and meet the following qualifications:

  • Registered non-profit with IRS code 501( c)(3)
  • Registered with State Corporation Commission
  • Registered with Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs
  • Directed by an active, volunteer board of directors
  • Provide qualifying health and/or human services
  • Proof of practicing sound financial management

If an agency meets all criteria and is not listed, then the agency did not apply to be a part of the campaign. Contact the State Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign office to receive an application for the next Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign is a designated campaign. This means that that donors may donate to the charity(ies) of their choice. Contributions will not go to a specific charity unless the donor designates that charity.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign is an opportunity for state employees to give to an eligible charity using payroll deduction. The campaign makes no moral decisions as to which agencies can or cannot participate. Charities who apply and meet participation qualifications will be included in the campaign.

Donor designations are always honored. Each designation will go to the agency selected on the pledge card. When the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign receives a pledge card, gifts designations are immediately recorded.

Each payroll department will then deduct the amount requested from each paycheck to send directly to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign will record the receipt of the contribution and will make a quarterly payment to the designated charities. On each pledge card, donors may request a written confirmation that their pledge was received by the designated charity. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign will send the request to the charity. The designated charity is responsible for providing that written request. For more information about pledge card designations or receipts, contact the State Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign office.

No part of any contribution will go to the Commonwealth of Virginia. All participating charities the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign share the cost of conducting the campaign. Less than 15 percent of the donations are used by the State Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign to manage and oversee campaigns, print and distribute materials, record and track pledges and contributions, and distribute contributions to all participating charities. The National Charities Information Bureau, a charity watch-dog organization, sites 15 percent as being one of the lowest administrative costs for charitable organizations.

A portion of un-designated gifts will be used to support the operating costs of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign while the majority is distributed proportionally to designated contributions statewide. 

All charitable campaigns must have fundraising and administrative costs in order to provide accurate information, quality service, and accountability. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, like most organizations, pays rent for office space and utilities, maintains basic office equipment, employs only essential staff to provide service to volunteers, and maintains day-to-day operations.

No. Those who give through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign can be sure that their name will not given or sold to any other organization.

No. Those who give are recognized for their donations, not the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign is an opportunity to give to a health or human services charity using payroll deduction. Each gift is important to many charities and is part of the the local community-wide effort.